Apple in “crunch mode” prepping for iPad 3 launch

Apple in “crunch mode” prepping for iPad 3 launchConsidering Apple is expected to launch its latest tablet early next month (just over three weeks), it’s been oddly quiet on the iPad 3 front of late. This month, we’ve had one story suggesting that the iPad 3 will be quad-core and another suggesting that it won’t. Sigh.

Now we’re hearing that Apple is, understandably, cranking things up a notch in anticipation of the iPad 3’s launch.

“Sources with knowledge of the matter” have been nibbling on The Next Web’s ear and revealing that Apple is in “crunch mode”.

The Californians are reportedly keen to select apps that show off the iPad 3’s high definition display at its bestest. The first two iPads had a resolution of 1024x768, however the iPad 3 is thought to double that to 2048x1536.

It’s likely that the chosen apps will feature heavily in the iPad 3’s launch event in early March, and subsequent iPad 3 televisual advertisements.

With Mobile World Congress running into the first few days of March, it’s looking like it’ll be a busy freakin’ month. We expect the iPad 3 will drop the week after Mobile World Congress – the first full week in March.

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