Apple: enough dough to buy (most of) the mobile industry

Apple: enough dough to buy (most of) the mobile industryWith the end of the second quarter fast approaching, Horace Dediu of asymco has made some interesting predictions regarding the values of the major mobile manufacturers.

Horace reckons Apple will have a cash value of $70 billion. The enterprise values of its mobile competitors are significantly lower, so much so that Apple could afford to buy almost all of them outright.

The biggest exception is Apple’s bestest buddy, Samsung, with an estimated value of $53b. LG is floating around in there somewhere too, with a “nominal value” of $10b, but the Californians are estimated to have enough cash to cover the rest.

Fancy buying a mobile phone manufacturer? Here’s how much Horace thinks you’ll need:

  • HTC - $25.4b
  • Nokia - $22.6b
  • RIM - $13.8b
  • Motorola - $4.2b
  • Sony Ericsson - $3b

TOTAL - $69b

Yep, Apple could afford to foot that bill with a cool billion left over. Bloody hell.

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frankly1  Jun. 20, 2011 at 14:52

That's just the cash assets of Apple.
The figure for the other companies are their full market value.
They could buy all of them with a little sale of shares.


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