Apple to embrace diversity with iOS 8.3 emoji set

Apple to embrace diversity with iOS 8.3 emoji set

The second work-in-progress version of iOS 8.3 has already been rolled out to developers, and the third pre-release instalment will form part of the first-ever iOS public beta test next month.

Among the features is an enhanced emoji keyboard, and we’re happy to see Apple finally embracing diversity, with the apparent realisation that we’re NOT ALL WHITE.

As detailed in 5 emojis that no one uses EVER (seriously, I should revisit that), there are tons of nonsense emoticons in the iOS keyboard, including a diamond with a dot in the middle, and the ‘Circled Latin Capital Letter M’ (what?!).

One thing you won’t find, however, is a great deal of diversity. Yes, there are little gay and lesbian characters, but other than a little dude in a turban and a Chinese guy in a Gua Pi Mao, every other human emoji is white, a rather shocking oversight in space year 2015AD.

Rejoice, then, with the news that iOS 8.3 emojis will rock several different skin tones – just like actual humans! By holding your finger on a human emoticon, you can bring up a little submenu wherein you can set the tone.

Furthermore, the number of iOS 8 emoji flags will rocket from 10 to 40, welcoming countries like India, Brazil, Canada and good old Australia. About bloody time, mate!

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