Apple evaluating three new iPhone prototypes?

Apple evaluating three new iPhone prototypes?Apple Insider has produced an admittedly rough translation of an article published on Taiwanese site, suggesting that Apple is evaluating three new prototypes for the next gen iPhone, including one with a slide-out keyboard.

The source tells that a second variation features improved battery life and an upgraded camera. This handset, however, wouldn’t vary dramatically from the original iPhone 4, and would be comparable to the iPhone 3G being succeeded by the iPhone 3GS.

The article also echoes rumours that the iPad 2 will be thinner, with a built-in camera.

The Taiwanese site has a history of Apple-related exclusives. They managed to get their hands on a white iPhone 4 panel before it was announced, an iPhone 4 battery prior to launch, and a tiny touchscreen which they correctly speculated might be used in an iPod touch nano.

With so many Pro versions of phones doing the rounds these days, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple did consider some cheeky keyboard action. We’re sure Apple will reveal all when it's good and ready.

(Thanks to saxo_appeal on HUKD)

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