Apple extends Liquidmetal exclusivity deal

Apple extends Liquidmetal exclusivity dealHere's a question that'll test your geek-levels and could possibly have your membership revoked. Ever heard of Liquidmetal technology? Good.

Anyway, if you haven't, Apple has an exclusive deal to use the stuff which is a metal alloy. Super strong, it has a range of properties that apparently make it perfect for consumer products. The news here is that Apple has extended that exclusivity deal by two years and that will also include any future updates to the concept.

If you're wondering where you've seen it, you may have not even noticed it. It's only actually been employed by Cupertino once in the past and that was on the iPhone 3G where it was the material of the small sim-card ejector tool. And, erm.. that's it.

The problem is understanding where Apple is going with this. Yes, it has history of buying companies and turning them into useful bits of its iOS. Let's not forget the likes of Siri or even the components placed into that multimillion dollar shopping basket that went through the checkout and was bagged up as Apple Maps for iOS6.

But - and here's the big one - Apple hasn't bought Liquidmetal; it's merely signed an exclusivity deal which it's now extended. And even the inventor of the technology, Dr. Atakan Peker, has gone on record to say a company would need to shovel $300-$500 million into development over at least three years if it wants to get a decent return.

Which means it's going to want its money's worth. We're wondering if it's too late for the iPhone 5 to heavily feature the tech, but who can really say?

Via: Apple Insider

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