Apple facing iWatch name trademark issue in US, UK and China

Apple facing iWatch name trademark issue in US, UK and ChinaThe Apple iWatch remains officially unofficial, but already we’re hearing that the as-yet-unannounced device might face issues with the name. That’s assuming, y’know, the product a) exists, and b) launches under the name iWatch.

Those assumptions being go, Apple faces inevitable gripes from iWatch name trademarkers in the US, UK and China. Good (i.e. bad) grief.

Starting with the US, we’re told that OMG Electronics (somewhat ironically based in California) has called dibs on the iWatch name. That was for a product that failed to secure a necessary $100,000 funding, though the claim is thought to be valid still.

In our beloved UK, we’re looking to Probendi (probe end, eh?), with its iWatch pertaining to a smartphone application that "sends real-time audio, video and location data to the Critical Governance platform". Good old Critical Governance.

On a serious note, the iWatch name being trademarked in the UK could have wider implications across the European Union.

Finally, nine companies in China are said to have claims on iWatch, though they’re not thought to be much of an issue, realistically. There is, however, some sort of iWatching that might prove problematic.

Apple is of course no stranger to such complaints. In 2012, a Chinese company attempted to have iPad exports halted on account of the name, while a Brazilian firm recently launched its own Android-powered iphone (lower case ‘p’).

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DamienB  Jul. 6, 2013 at 18:54

Apple Watch just like how ITV caused the iTV to be called the Apple TV

babylon  Dec. 8, 2013 at 19:37

is there any reason why Apple has never taken on the Beeb for iPlayer.


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