Apple hikes App Store prices across the board

Apple hikes App Store prices across the boardOh, come off it Apple! Today the company announced a restructure of its iOS and Mac app prices around the globe because of “changes to exchange rates and local tax laws”, and the bottom line is that prices are going up. A lot.

If local tax laws have changed it's news to us, and the exchange rate is pretty much as it was two years ago. Apple must be struggling to make ends meet, then? Please.

So here are the details: prices are going up pretty much across the board, but probably most significantly, the entry-level price for an app has risen from 59p to 69p – a rise of just under 17%. It's the same at the high-end, too with PC Pro telling us a legal studies app has jumped from £599 to £699.

Now, 10p doesn't sound like much, but of course not only is it the principle of the thing, but it's also the overall impact that a whole bunch of 10p's are going to have in time.

A recent report reckoned the average iOS user will download 83 apps this year, and while around 5 in 6 will be free, the rest will all be coming in 15-20% more expensive.

So the pound is stronger against the dollar, then, and that's why the prices have risen? Er, no. Today the dollar is at $1.61 to the pound. In January it was $1.59 to the pound. Last January? $1.63.

To remind you, this is the same company that has just announced that a total of 15 billions apps have been downloaded, that smashes investor estimates with every set of financial figures it announces, and is set to break all records again when it dishes up its next set of results next week.

Changes to exchange rates and tax laws? Do we really look that stupid?

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ghatch  Jul. 14, 2011 at 20:28

I noticed this last night and was really dissapointed. I was so close to spending £6.99 on Sega football manager as a means to pass the time but now its jummped to £7.99 the reviews dont warrant it! Not that it will damage their business I will only be paying for apps when they are on offer or present a real value for money!

GHatch aka Mr Stingey

blizzard7  Jul. 14, 2011 at 20:51

Does this mean the very few 59p songs on iTunes will also be on the up soon? Hmm... I'm guessing they wanted to make some money back after absorbing the VAT rise?

Infinite Element  Jul. 14, 2011 at 21:36

It's not news if you're not impartial.

CTPAHHIK  Jul. 15, 2011 at 07:46

I wonder if countries like Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and Australia saw a reduction in prices? Their currencies skyrocketed in past year.

I like how Android store is setup - it charges you in local currency of developer - just need a credit card that does not charge FX fee. And its the same price anywhere in the world.

Amazon gives out free app every day. Less than one hour left for new one :p


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