Apple wants HTC handsets banned in patent row

Apple wants HTC handsets banned in patent rowWe're trying to think of something clever here involving “bad apples”, but with nothing coming to mind we'll just play it straight: Apple is continuing its run of taking on pretty much every other phone maker around by targeting HTC again in a fresh round of patent complaints with the International Trade Commission.

Apple is trying to block the sale of several HTC phones in the US, claiming that the Taiwanese firm's “portable electronic devices and related software” are in breach of Apple patents. This while also pretty much threatening to sue any company that so much as thinks the words “app store” right now.

Just which phones are involved and specifically why isn't certain, as the complaint hasn't been made public, but it's a fairly safe bet that with Apple going after HTC itself rather than Android, its objection probably relates to an HTC-specific feature such as the HTC Sense UI.

It's the second time Apple has taken a major mobile rival to task with the ITC in just a few weeks, following an earlier motion on similar grounds made against Samsung.

The HTC complaint actually dates all the way back to the beginning of last year, with the story so far a fairly classic take on the accusation-denial-counter-accusation template.

Apple's latest ratcheting up of the legal pressure comes despite comments from an ITC lawyer earlier this year that ruling in HTC's favour on the matter was best for the public.


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alexnuetral  Jul. 12, 2011 at 09:41

Mother Fu#%7&*ers, What are they sacred of lol? See People Iphone is garbage there's no leading innovation nowhere, wake up!! open your eyes they know this & this is the clear fact, they know how dangerous htc & other device manufactures are, me personally "HTC
ALL THE WAY". It all has to do with greed that's why this us recession is still going strong because companies have adapted this me me me mentality, just like them Struggling us airlines (Delta Airlines Billions just in baggage fees) what a joke, wake up people
& obama u wanna end this recession? I have the answer, pressure pressure pressure on all these greedy companies.

supermetroid  Jul. 12, 2011 at 11:27

Sour apples me thinks. Apple can't take the fact that there's a great alternative to using the iphone AND they are too greedy to as they don't want to loose money - think of it as being a monopoly.

However, I don't rate HTC sense - I hardly use it so don't know what the fuss it all about.

JanSt / MOD  Jul. 12, 2011 at 12:50

It's not just about sales of iPhones.
The reason for Apple's unrivallled profit margins and cash reserves iis at risk, when other device makers start selling huge numbers of one device. Because suppliers like Foxconn might rethink their terms. Will they continue to make some stuff for Apple at practically zero profit to be the great supplier for the great Apple when other phones begin to beat the iPhone?

mancunia  Jul. 12, 2011 at 12:51


Apple now realise that the android os is getting better and better with different selections of excellent handsets and they are falling further behind in both aspects. Apple are trying their best to restrict competition, with countless frivolous lawsuits.

Get a grip Apple, this truly is a case of an Apple gone bad! lol


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