Apple iPad Air 2 specs detailed in lengthy report

Apple iPad Air 2 specs detailed in lengthy reportWhile it’s largely accepted that the iPad Air 2 might be touching down in little over a week (October 16 being the latest guess), we still don’t know a great deal about the thing.

Until now, that is. Thanks to a couple of “researchers”, we’re hearing the full story at last, including design, specs, colour and storage options.

The mysterious detectives at The Michael Report claim to have “obtained pictures and illustrations of the new iPads”, but the decision was taken not to publish them “out of an abundance of caution in protecting the identity of our sources”. Fair enough.

As such, all we have to go on are iPad Air 2-flavoured words, but there are plenty of them. Onward!

For starters, the iPad Air 2 will merge the cover glass and Retina LCD component into one unit, ultimately yielding a device that’s 0.5mm thinner than the current model (7.5mm – 0.5mm = 7mm).

Supposedly the iPad Air 2 will be marketed as the world’s thinnest tablet, but we’re quite sure the 6mm Dell Venue 8 7000 Series will have something to say about that, ditto the 6.6mm Samsung Galaxy Tab S range.

Otherwise, in terms of design, the iPad Air 2 supposedly looks nigh on identical to the iPad Air (above left), though closer inspection reveals a handful of minor changes.

The mute switch is gone completely, we’re told, while the volume controls are “more recessed”. The speakers now occupy a single row with larger holes, and the microphones move onto the back – next to the camera modules.

Predictably, the iPad Air 2 camera is tipped to leap from 5MP to 8MP, though even Mikey’s Report points out how ridiculous one looks taking pictures with a tablet, much like using tablet-based Apple Pay to buy stuff - the latter made possible with the iPad Air 2, we're told.

Other iPad Air 2 specs include an Apple A8 processor, 2GB of RAM, Touch ID fingerprint scanner, enhanced front FaceTime camera and choice of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage (i.e. no 16GB model), and again the notion of a gold iPad is relayed.

Assuming re/code is on the money, we'll have all this corroborated - or corrected - one week from tomorrow. Still next to no word on the iPad mini 3, while the 12.9in iPad Pro isn't expected till 2015.

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JanSt / MOD  Oct. 7, 2014 at 13:05

Doesn't sound like much of an upgrade - considering the leap they made with the new iPhones?
Disappointed they think thinner is still a thing....
Also: with the 5.5in Plus, I hope they tweak iOS on the new iPads to make proper use of the extra real estate. And I don't just mean a couple of colums in landscape mode. It's time for some dual 'window' action...

Also: with my trial iPhone 6 and Mac OS I have massive problems with photo sync.
Sync with iPhoto isn't happening, but when I sync folders instead, the images land on the iPhone
in random Albums that have titles taken from iPhoto but contain different images. Big bada f*ck-up, Apple.
1,500 photo from 2 folders end up in 97 (!!!) Albums on the iPhone. Here's to a healthy, walled eco-system.... Very bad. If iOS 8.1 (or 8.03?) doesn't sort that bull, I'm done with Apple. They ruined 7.1.1/1.2 and Finder/iPhoto in Mavericks.... I don't wanna sound trolly, but how they got away with that nonsense is somewhat beyond me. Meanwhile idiots rant about nonsense bendgate and getting their pubes stuck in the seams? WTH?


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