Apple iPad Pro specs: USB 3.0 port, fast charging, optional keyboard and mouse?

Apple iPad Pro specs: USB 3.0 port, fast charging, optional keyboard and mouse?Typical; you wait weeks and weeks for an iPad Pro rumour, and two come along at once. Not that we’re complaining!

The first report suggests Apple iPad Pro production has been “delayed” till later in the year, while a second report relays some rather interesting iPad Pro specs.

In Story 1, we’re looking at Reuters, which cites Bloomberg News when it says iPad Pro production has been shoved back till September.

Production had been scheduled to begin in 1Q15 (i.e. nowish), but supposedly there are problems relating to the iPad Pro’s colossal 12.9in display.

Incidentally, it’s interesting that we’re back to a 12.9in display size for the iPad Pro, as recent rumours suggested it’d be a little easier to handle at 12.2in.

The Wall Street Journal concurs that iPad Pro production will begin in H2, not H1 as originally planned, while dishing the dirt on potential iPad Pro specs.

Apple is supposedly contemplating adopting USB 3.0 technology on the iPad Pro, ultimately yielding faster data transfer speeds. Again, the enterprise market will likely form a large portion of the iPad Pro user base.

Furthermore, the iPad Pro may or may not include faster charging, and ports for a keyboard and mouse.

I think we can all agree – and Apple seems aware of this, too – that a simple 12.9in version of the plain old iPad won’t cut the enterprise mustard.

And while we’re at it, bring on the split-screen multitasking already.

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 5, 2015 at 17:56

USB port? Sure. Also: I got a post card from Richard Dawkins from Lourdes


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