Apple iPhone 6: big in Japan

Apple iPhone 6: big in JapanThe iPhone is generally pretty massive across the globe, though logically – with the phone being rather expensive – some countries are more iPhone-hungry than others.

Japan has traditionally been one of the iPhone’s biggest fans, and we’re hearing – surprise, surprise – that the spanking new iPhone 6 has been utterly dominant in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Over on Forbes, contributor Chuck Jones reveals that he’s been tracking iPhone 6 sales in Japan since September, with a little help from BCN (the website as opposed to the city).

The upshot is that the iPhone 6 has held the top 3 positions in Japanese smartphone sales from September to November. Even more impressive, in October, it held the top 6.

Interestingly, it’s the 64GB iPhone 6 in particular that’s proving the most popular. It accounts for those top 3 spots.

The 128GB iPhone 6, on the other hand, occupied 2 of the top 8 in September and October, slipping to a 13th place best in November.

Predictably, the iPhone 6 Plus is a little less popular than the plain old iPhone 6, despite – or perhaps because of – the larger display. The iPhone 6 Plus also has optical image stabilisation, but otherwise they’re much the same phone.

The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c were similarly dominant, accounting for 8 of Japan’s top 10 selling smartphones in December 2013.

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