Apple iPhone 6 resolution: 828 x 1472?

Apple iPhone 6 resolution: 828 x 1472?Apple is doing a rather impressive job of keeping everyone guessing about the imminent iPhone 6, and guess everyone has.

The latest iPhone 6 titbit suggests the resolution might be 828 x 1472, maintaining the 16:9 aspect ratio introduced by the iPhone 5 in 2012, and still qualifying as "Retina" – but only just.

That’s the story over on 9to5mac, and to be fair, this latest rumour at least comes as the result of some good old fashioned digging around, rather than being based on a completely unsubstantiated leak on Weibo.

Long story short, a file pertaining to iOS 8’s Springboard application (essentially the homescreen launcher thingy for iOS) lists compatibility with a device with a resolution of 414 x 736.

Before you panic, the SDK typically halves resolutions (320 x 568 for the recent 640 x 1136 iPhones), so logic dictates we’re actually looking at an iPhone 6 resolution of – multiplying by two – 828 x 1472.

Assuming the iPhone 6 arrives in 4.7in and 5.5in flavours as widely rumoured, that’d mean PPI (pixels per inch) scores of 359 and 307 respectively. The iPhone 5s, for context, has a PPI rating of 326.

Meanwhile, the 5.1in Samsung Galaxy S5 offers 432PPI, while the 5.5in QHD LG G3 pushes the boat out further to 534PPI, immediately making the iPhone 6 an easy target for anti-Apple marketing campaigns.

Of course, that’s assuming the above is on the money. For now, we’re taking all iPhone 6 rumours with a massive dose of salt, and awaiting the official story on September 9 (or thereabouts).

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JanSt / MOD  Aug. 20, 2014 at 20:05

There's more to a 'pleasing' viewing experience than PPI, though... I don't care much for Samsung's oversaturated AMOLEDs, e.g. - and I KNOW I'm not alone.


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