Apple iPhone 6S specs: 2GB of RAM, Apple SIM for easy network switching?

Apple iPhone 6S specs: 2GB of RAM, Apple SIM for easy network switching?

Considering the massive design change introduced with the iPhone 6 (in particular: leaping from 4in on the iPhone 5s to 4.7in and 5.5in), we aren’t expecting anything particularly jaw-dropping from the iPhone 6S – not in terms of design, at least.

Inside, however, the iPhone 6S might mark two rather significant changes, specifically double the RAM of the iPhone 6, and the ability to switch networks at will.

That’s the rather intriguing story over on Apple Insider, which credits “A person familiar with Apple's future product plans, who has provided reliable information in the past.”

The anonymous source starts off by suggesting that iPhone 6S specs will include 2GB of RAM, a notion that isn’t all that far-fetched, and indeed one that’s been put forward before.

It’s worth noting, too, that the iPad Air 2 ships with 2GB of RAM. Back in 2012, the iPhone 5 was the first iPhone with 1GB of RAM, just as the iPad 3 was the first iPad to move beyond 512MB. Could we see a similar pattern with the iPhone 6S?

Arguably more interesting is the suggestion that Apple might ship the iPhone 6S with the controversial Apple SIM, as debuted on the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. It allows users to switch between participating networks from the Settings menu.

That’s inevitably something that’d prove hugely appealing to iPhone 6S consumers, but we seriously doubt networks would be happy.

Indeed, the Apple SIM has reportedly met resistance in the past, with the Californians accused of “trying to gain control of [networks’] relationship with their mobile customers with the new SIM” (Financial Times).

Having said that, the iPhone remains the biggest-selling device on the market, so if anyone can bulldoze that idea on behalf of consumers, it's Apple.

So, the iPhone 6S mightn’t be the modest much-the-same-as-last-year smartphone we were admittedly expecting. Things just got interesting.

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