Apple iPhone accounted for one in four smartphones shipped in Q4

Apple iPhone accounted for one in four smartphones shipped in Q4I was jawing the other day about Apple grabbing the baton from Samsung in Q4, ultimately shipping more smartphones than any other manufacturer in the final three months of 2011.

Now Juniper Research has published a sexy report suggesting that Apple accounted for a whopping one in four smartphones shipped between October and December.

Juniper Research reckons a total of 149 million smartphones were shipped in Q4 2011, with Apple contributing 37 million iPhones to that remarkable tally.

Of course, the iPhone 4S launched in October, but Juniper Research stresses that we shouldn’t forget about the humble iPhone 3GS. JR notes: "The scale of Samsung's product range is saturating the market. Apple has had to counter Samsung's products like the Galaxy Ace in order to maintain the visibility of its brand."

In normal speak, it was a smart decision from Apple keeping the iPhone 3GS around as an alternative to mid-range Android handsets.

As Juniper Research points out, it wasn’t exactly a terrible quarter for Samsung. The South Korean manufacturer’s market share has quadrupled since Q1 2010, from 4.7% to 21.7%.

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