The US goes Apple iPhone crazy

The US goes Apple iPhone crazyWe heard yesterday that Apple was on the rise in South Korea, becoming the first foreign brand to break through the 20% market share barrier, much to the chagrin of Samsung.

On a similar note, a couple of stories show the US going absolutely iPhone crazy, with half of all 4Q14 smartphone activations being of the Apple variety, and Alaska in particular embracing the ubiquitous iPhone.

CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Retail Partners) gets the ball rolling with a press release titled Apple Rides iPhone 6 and 6 Plus To Strong Quarter.

And to be honest, “Strong” is putting it mildly, as the accompanying pie chart shows exactly 50% of US smartphones activated in the last quarter of 2014 being iPhones. So even combining the Android army, iOS still wins (allowing a tiny portion for Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10). That’s an insane thought, as we’re talking about one phone vs. dozens (and dozens).

Even Samsung was miles behind Apple, with just 26% of 4Q14 smartphone activations, followed by LG on 11% and Motorola on 4%. America’s former sweetheart, HTC, managed just 2%.

Continuing the stat trend, Chitika provides an infographic showing iPhone penetration by state. Amusingly, 40-44% is considered “Very Low”.

The biggest iPhone users with 55-65% were the states of Montana, Kansas, Mississippi and New York, with Alaska tipping the scales at a monstrous 65.5% - essentially two-thirds! So for every three people with a smartphone, two of them has an iPhone. That’s just silly.

With all this great Apple news of late, Tim Cook will need his smile surgically removed. Nice work, guys.

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