Apple kit a Christmas hit: kids dreaming of iDevices

Apple kit a Christmas hit: kids dreaming of iDevicesTime was when all they wanted for Christmas was their two front teeth, but the 2011 breed of young whippersnapper is far more picky than that.

First choice for today's tech-savvy youngster to be sat under the tree on December 25 is a shiny new iPad, but at a pinch it seems they might be satisfied with an iPod touch or iPhone.

A recent Nielsen survey over in the US asked 3,000 people which gadget they'd most like to receive for Christmas. And in both agegroups canvassed – 6-to-12-year-olds and 13-years-and-up – the iPad came out as a clear winner, catching the eye of 24% of the older agegroup and an impressive 44% of the kids segment.

Indeed Apple is clearly hitting some kind of sweet spot with today's youngsters, as the iPod touch (30%) and the iPhone (27%) were next in line with the younger set.

And given the likelihood that kids of that age are probably not interested in much more beyond gaming, it's clear proof that mobile devices – or Apple's mobile devices, at least – are beating handheld consoles at their own game.

More importantly, Apple will no doubt be rubbing its hands in glee at years and years of iDevices sitting nestled under family Christmas trees as today's gadget-loving youngsters grow up.

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blizzard7  Nov. 19, 2011 at 12:39

For the same price of an iPod touch, you could get an Xperia Play...


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