Apple to launch iPhone 5 on September 7? Er, no

Apple to launch iPhone 5 on September 7? Er, noRumours come and rumours go, and in iPhone-land sometimes it all happens in a single day.

That's exactly what's happened with the latest morsel of iPhone speculation to have washed over the excitable tech press: that the next-gen Apple handset is all set to be announced on September 7. It's an interesting theory, and made for good headlines. But it's almost certainly not true.

At the heart of the initial rumour is the claim by a Japanese-language newspaper that Apple has scheduled its annual 'iPod Media Event' for September 7, where the latest generation of updates and refreshes to Apple's media players are expected to be announced.

But with the iPod's allure slowly fading, largely thanks to the iPhone itself, some have been speculating that the iPod can no longer carry a high-profile event on its own. Throw in the fact that the next-gen iPhone is expected to be announced sometime in the autumn anyway, and boom – there's your rumour.

But it didn't take long for the theory to get shot down. Jim Dalrymble of The Loop – a man who, BGR reports, generally gets these things right – has reported that according to his sources not only are there no plans to announce the new iPhone on that date, but in fact that there's no Apple event taking place on September 7 at all.

In other words, move along – there's nothing to see here.

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nugent  Aug. 13, 2011 at 12:32

I'm wondering just what they are going to do to make the iPhone 5 so much better than 4. I don't think they'll go with 3D so I can only think of extra memory and NFC as the noticable extras. Nothing wrong with the processor etc so any improvements there will be wasted on the average consumer. Maybe battery life could be improved?


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