Apple licensed iOS over-scrolling patent to Nokia and IBM, offered it to Samsung

Apple licensed iOS over-scrolling patent to Nokia and IBM, offered it to SamsungThe news day wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have a story about patent stuff. We’re quite used to hearing about Apple vs. Samsung, but today we’d like to welcome Nokia and IBM to the fold. Come in, all four of you.

Last week we heard that Judge Lucy Koh had rejected Apple’s complaint against Samsung in the US, and - interestingly - the accompanying statement appears to reveal some juice about previous settlements.

The relevant patent is #7,469,381, which relates to over-scrolling in iOS. Basically, if you scroll beyond the normal boundary on a document or webpage, you see a textured background.

Said patent has formed the basis of many of Apple’s recent legal crusades, with Nokia, IBM and Samsung all on the receiving end. A statement, shown to The Verge, confirms that Apple had “previously chosen to license the patent”.

Furthermore, Samsung was offered a licensing agreement during failed negotiations in November last year.

Until now, it had been assumed that Apple had no interest in licensing its iOS patents, and would rather see offending devices withdrawn from shelves, or - at the very least - grab a whack of moolah in damages. Interessante.

In other news, I’ve successfully patented “the wearing of trousers by a male or female in order to provide protection from the elements.” I’ll be round to collect my royalties later.

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