Apple mistakenly leak the existance of the iPhone 6c

Apple mistakenly leak the existance of the iPhone 6c

While we had already figured it was on the cards, it appears Apple have spoiled their own surprise by mistakenly confirming the existence of the iPhone 6c. It's all due to an image on the Apple Store listing for the iPhone Lightning Dock, which includes a picture of an iPhone for demonstrative purposes. However, while the device in question appears to have the same colourful plastic case of the iPhone 5c, it also includes the TouchID fingerprint reader as well - something that was never included in the 5c range when it was released back in 2013.

With Apple's continued push of its Apple Pay features it makes sense that the TouchID functionality would be made a universal feature of all iPhone products, but the unintended publication of the image will no doubt have spoiled the party for the folks in Cupertino (or, at the very least, has got someone in trouble.) We expect we will get official confirmation of both the iPhone 6c and the 6s this September when Apple do their next big press conference.

[Via The Guardian]

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