Apple offering $10,000 prize for 10 billionth app download

Apple offering ,000 prize for 10 billionth app download

Nothing says 'apps' quite like the Apple App Store. It's the original, the biggest and – most would agree – the best.

It's also nearing its 10 billionth app download – a quite remarkable figure – and to celebrate, Apple is offering a quite remarkable prize to go with it: $10,000 to the person who sees the milestone reached.

It's taken just 32 months for the App Store to hit the 10 billion mark, and the figure represents upwards of 60 apps for every iPad, iPhone and iPod touch on the planet, according to an Asymco study.

The competition to win the $10,000 (around £6,300) is open to anyone on the planet, and with the app download count currently approaching 9.9 billion, there should still be plenty of time to stake your claim. Be warned, though: the count is currently speeding along at around 20,000 apps a minute – and accelerating – so we'd keep a close eye on Apple's dedicated countdown page.

Having launched in 2008, the App Store has reached the 10 billion download milestone in less than half the 67 months it took iTunes to reach the same point. Indeed, Asymco predicts that it's just a matter of months until the total number of app downloads across all platforms passes the total number of song downloads in history.

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iamdamien  Jan. 18, 2011 at 22:46

I'd rather have the money than the iTunes credit. It would take years to spend $10,000 on music and videos.


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