Apple orders 15 million iPhone 5s

Apple orders 15 million iPhone 5sReady for some more tales from the east, courtesy of Digitimes? I know I am.

Today they’re talking about Taiwan-based manufacturer Pegatron. There’s lots of juice in there about old Peggy, concerning notebooks and the like, but it’s the iPhone 5 we really want to hear about, right?

Er, actually, as you might guess, there’s not a whole lot of fresh meat to chew on. There’s the usual rumble of September for the iPhone 5’s release.

The most specific information we have is that Apple has placed an order for 15 million units with Pegatron. Digitimes notes that Pegatron has pumped out several million iPhone 4s for its California-based client.

Pegatron is also said to be eyeing up iPad orders, but sources say that the existing manufacturers are aggressively defending their coveted positions.

Last week, Digitimes reported that as many as 85 million iPhones (4 and 5) could ship this year, alongside 40 million iPads. Jings.

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pocketsizedfish  Jul. 5, 2011 at 20:47

Does anyone else hope that all these mock ups floating about with the bigger screen isn't actually how the new iphone will look? It looks completely out of proportion compared to the current design...

blizzard7  Jul. 5, 2011 at 21:05

I remember completely out of proportion was how people saw the first iPod nano. Didn't stop it from selling a bazillion units.


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