Apple owners are 'the most optimistic'

Apple owners are 'the most optimistic'Here's one that could have come straight from Apple's PR department: apparently, iOS users are way more optimistic than BlackBerry users.

It's one of those there survey things but the findings reckon almost a third of iPhone owners and 60% of iPad owners expect the best when times are tough and a third of them are not allowing the tough economic climate to dampen their spirits.

BlackBerry users were also apparently asked and not a single one of them said that if something could go wrong for them, it will and they rarely count on good things happening to them.

iPhone users were more sociable - with around two third of them liking to spend time with their buddies whilst the Android owners clocked in as the hardest working - half of Android phone users and two third of tablet users said they believe it is important to keep busy.

These stories always make good copy - but we have to remember that it was conducted by a company trying to get some free publicity. In this case, it's one of those phone recycling firms, asking the questions of CES attendees - which could explain the Apple users' happiness since they're bound to get a better price if they trade their iDevice in due to the premium the models command.

Or maybe, they're just optimistically waiting for the iPhone 5.

Via Daily Mail

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