Apple patent gesture sharing motions for the Apple Watch

Apple patent gesture sharing motions for the Apple Watch

Not content with making Apple Watch users pretend to be Dick Tracy, it looks like Apple are going to be taking file sharing to strange new places, if their latest patent is to be believed. The folks over at Patently Apple have discovered that there are some new gestures being created for the Apple Watch specifically for sharing data with others with the wearable tech.

If it all turns out to be true, you can expect tech enthusiasts to start shaking hands more frequently, bowing to each other, and even taking the double high-five back as they business cards with each other. There's even mention of "fist bumping", which should no doubt keep all the bros happy. In fairness, it's all just an extension of the Near Field Communication technology that has been around for years, but at least Apple are having some fun with it.

[via Patently Apple / uSwitch]

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