Apple to produce 45m iPads? No chance, says analyst

Apple to produce 45m iPads? No chance, says analyst

You get the feeling that Apple could produce half a billion iPad 2s and the public would still snap them all up, such has been the reception to Apple's second tablet act.

But the problem is, thanks to production constraints it can't produce that many, and according to one analyst, even hitting Apple's internal target of 40-45 million iSlates this year is wishful thinking.

When the iPad 2 officially hit the streets back in March, stocks sold out almost instantly, and Apple is still quoting shipping times of 1-2 weeks for the in-demand slate.

Apple's PR spin will try claiming it's purely about high demand, but we all now know that the tablet has suffered various production and component shortage issues in its short life so far.

But according to FBR analyst Craig Berger, Apple might never catch up, and the internal goal of producing 40-45 million iPad 2s for the year is looking “out of reach”.

Berger's sources claim the Q2 production target is 6.2 million units, with sales at a maximum of 6.4 million – eating a little into inventory stock. For Q3 those figures drop to 5.2 million and 5.5 million respectively.

With Q1 production at a modest 4.7 million, that would leave Apple needing upwards of 20 million units sold in the festive season to make even the conservative end of its goals.

Berger says touchscreen availability and production problems at the Hon Hai plants have held production back, though the Japanese earthquake isn't expected to hold things up unless touchscreen supplies fail to recover by Q3.

Via Business Insider

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