Apple now quoting 3-4 week shipping times for iPad 2

Apple now quoting 3-4 week shipping times for iPad 2It was always bound to happen – a combination of high demand and some reported stock shortages has seen shipping times for the new iPad 2 over in the US slip to as much as three to four weeks.

With some analysts expecting as many as 600,000 iPad 2s to be sold on opening weekend, that means an awful lot of people are going to be left waiting in frustration for their new Apple slate to arrive.

There were always question marks over just how many iPad 2s Apple actually had lined up to counter the opening weekend rush. And any fears of a shortfall have no doubt been exacerbated by the unexpectedly positive reception the tablet has had.

So it's no big surprise that the 3-4 day shipping window that was quoted by the Apple online store when it opened for business over in the States on Friday morning didn't last long. 5-7 days was the first adjustment, then 2-3 weeks. Now, head over to the Apple online store and you'll find every iPad 2 option going labelled with a 3-4 week turnaround.

The million dollar question – or the million iPad question, as it were – is just how many tablets does Apple have lined up to cover international demand. We can't imagine it going down too well if the company shifts some of our own allocation to cover US demand. We'll just have to wait and see.

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