Apple vs. Samsung in 4Q14: too close to call?

Apple vs. Samsung in 4Q14: too close to call?With Apple having, just, an astoundingly great time of things at the moment, the question on many people’s lips has been: “Did Apple ship more iPhones than Samsung did Galaxys in the final quarter of 2014?”

The answer, depending on where you look, is both yes and no. Confused? Us too! Full story below.

Over on IDC, which is generally the go-to place for smartphone shipment figures, they’re describing 4Q14 as a “near tie”, with Samsung shipping 75.1 million units, and Apple just 600,000 behind on 74.5 million.

However, Counterpoint Research chimes in with some figures of its own, suggesting that Apple took pole position with 74.5 million, and Samsung shipping just (ahem) 73.8 million.

Amusingly, Strategy Analytics is sitting on the fence, suggesting that Apple and Samsung share the top spot with 74.5 million shipped each. Amazing.

Regardless, Apple has clearly closed the gap – if not overtaken Samsung completely. That’s thanks largely to the massive popularity of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

However, it’s arguably as much about Samsung performing poorly as it is Apple doing exceptionally well. The South Koreans’ 4Q13 market share was 28.83%, dropping quite significantly to 20.01% in 4Q14. Apple, meanwhile, rose only slightly from 17.43% to 19.85%.

That’s because the likes of Lenovo, Huawei and Xiaomi (all Chinese manufacturers, incidentally) are all growing at Samsung’s expense.

Considering the Samsung Galaxy S6 probably won’t be released until April, we could well see Apple grab the top spot in 1Q15. In the meantime, check out Samsung Galaxy S6 specs, release date, features: six things we think we know.

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