Apple and Samsung in front of Judge Lucy Koh… again

Apple and Samsung in front of Judge Lucy Koh… againApple and Samsung. Samsung and Apple. Is there no end to their sordid courtroom bickering? Answer: no. No, there is not.

In this latest installment of the ongoing saga, we’re back in front of Judge Lucy Koh once again, addressing – among other things – the $1 billion in damages Apple was awarded back in August.

In the red corner, hailing from California in the United States of America, we have Apple, seeking not only to grab that cool billion, but to add a further $500 million to the bill.

Furthermore, they’d quite like to see Samsung’s offending devices removed from the market, on account of willful patent infringement.

In the blue corner, hailing from Samsung Town in Seoul, South Korea, we have the world’s top smartphone manufacturer, seeking to – essentially – overturn everything.

Samsung wants to “reverse engineer” the $1 billion figure to make sure it was reached logically, and – more importantly – legally.

They’ll also argue that Apple’s 10-year patent agreement with HTC demonstrates that an injunction is unnecessary, when the Californians are clearly open to licensing.

The real scandal, however, is that the foreman of the jury was once tied up in litigation with a company linked to Samsung. Cheeky chappy.

Expect to hear lots more on this in the coming days, duders.

via: Reuters

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