Apple to Samsung: thanks for the memory

Apple to Samsung: thanks for the memory

We have to say we're following the increasingly tetchy global tech war with Apple and Samsung with increasing interest, or morbid fascination more like. After all, wouldn't it actually be loads of fun if one (or both) of these corporate beasts dashed itself to smithereens thanks to an irrational hatred for the other?

Well, maybe not – all those employees and their families wouldn't be too happy for a start. But we digress. The point is Apple's latest move to stick one massive mobile middle finger in South Korea's general direction is to look elsewhere for its DRAM and NAND memory.

Apple and Samsung may not like each other all that much right now – their lawyers certainly don't – but business is business and Apple certainly doesn't mind working with Samsung when it comes to kitting out its mobile devices with RAM and flash memory components.

In fact, Apple is Samsung's number one client for the above – and is expected to take in something like $7.8bn from Cupertino this year alone – but those grudge-bearing chaps from Cupertino are planning on changing that, says DigiTimes.

It reckons Apple has been upping its orders from a pair of rival component suppliers – Toshiba and Elpida Memory, both from Japan – and speculation is that Apple is perfectly willing to shift all its memory and flash business their way if it can strike the right kind of deal.

And if you thought Apple was being a little feisty in tackling Samsung on the legal front right now, just imagine what things will be like when it doesn't actually need anything from the Koreans.

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