Apple and Samsung settlement talks on May 21 and 22

Apple and Samsung settlement talks on May 21 and 22We’ve scribbled a fair bit about Judge Lucy Koh here on Mobot, and recently we heard that she wanted Apple and Samsung to attend high-level court-moderated settlement talks.

“Within 90 days” is what we were hearing initially, however Apple and Samsung have now been told to pop a reminder in their phones for May 21.

The talks will take place over 48 hours, and will be hosted in San Francisco, while the actual litigation stuff is based in San Jose. The idea is for the talks to be moderated by someone who isn’t familiar with the case. Enter: Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero.

Interestingly, Spero is demanding: "a candid evaluation of the parties' likelihood of prevailing on the claims and defenses" (emphasis by Spero). However, we’re not convinced Apple or Samsung are likely to admit to any legal chinks in their litigation armour.

Apple and Samsung’s many disputes are currently thought to span 10 countries, with a recent filing in Alacante taking us into double figures. Sigh.

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Pondlife  Apr. 30, 2012 at 11:33

Oh I wish they televised that, bound to be entertaining.


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