Apple sells 500 millionth iPhone, doesn’t say a word

Apple sells 500 millionth iPhone, doesn’t say a wordApple isn’t shy about blowing its own trumpet, whether it’s celebrating 50 billion app downloads or five years of the App Store.

Oddly, however, Apple has reportedly passed 500 million iPhone sales – and the Californians haven’t said a word.

That’s the story over on Forbes, with some basic maths from contributor Mark Rogowsky, who points out that Apple entered the current quarter with 472 million iPhone sales under its belt.

Even applying fairly conservative estimates for recent sales, it’s safe to assume that Apple passed the 500 million landmark some time this month, as we approach seven years since the release of the first-ever iPhone.

Somewhat surprisingly, there’s no mention of the landmark over on the Apple site. Why not?

Well, perhaps Apple is saving the announcement for its next keynote (the iPad Pro might well arrive in early Q2), or maybe it just figures the landmark – heck – isn’t that interesting.

But it is interesting, especially when you consider the initial reaction to the iPhone, and Steve Jobs’ seemingly lofty goal of 10 million sales in 2008 (it managed 13.7 million). Back then, of course, Nokia and BlackBerry ruled the smartphone roost.

Fast-forward to 2014, and Apple now sells roughly 10 million iPhones each month. As for Nokia and BlackBerry? Don’t ask.

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LeRevolution  Mar. 26, 2014 at 23:47

Why would they? About 70% of them are only mugs wanting to get the next iPhone. 500 million phones sold is not the same as "500 million unique customers". So nothing worth writing home about.


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