Apple slowly moving away from Samsung, towards TSMC

Apple slowly moving away from Samsung, towards TSMCTSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co) is a company we first mentioned late last year, and we’re scribbling about it again today – in a similar Apple-ditching-Samsung context.

Indeed, it’s much the same story, with Apple said to be sloooowly tiptoeing away from Samsung as a component supplier. Makes sense, since they, like, hate each other and stuff.

The story is reported on The Wall Street Journal, with Jessica E. Lessin and crew writing somewhere in the region of a billion words, though The Verge kindly offers a more concise synopsis.

Essentially, Apple and TSMC have been in talks for some time, as far back as 2010, though a couple of issues have prevented a full-scale Samsung abandonment.

Firstly, Apple reportedly demanded its own factory space, or the right to invest in TSMC, something the Taiwanese weren’t too happy about.

More recently, TSMC is said to be struggling with Apple’s demands in terms of capacity and output and that.

Some sort of deal has supposedly been ironed out, though Apple will still rely on Samsung in the meantime. Indeed, realistically, Apple will likely still rely on Samsung for a long time to come, albeit in a reduced capacity.

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CTPAHHIK  Jul. 2, 2013 at 07:56

Two supply chains are always better than one. Perhaps, Apple will finally have enough devices on hand for a normal product launch???


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