Apple launches its own smartphone trade-in service

Apple launches its own smartphone trade-in service

Apple has decided to enter the handset trade-in / recycling game, offering credit towards their own products. The Apple Reuse & Recycling Program non-Apple products as well as iPhone and iPads, with customers able to do the trade-in at their local Apple store or via the new web portal.

Admittedly, having had a poke around the site and investigated the amount Apple are willing to give you for certain handsets, it looks like you could get more money selling your phone on eBay for someone else to use. Of course, if you really want to get an Apple device direct from the source, or find it too much of a hassle selling it yourself or using one of the other recycling companies like Envirophone or Mazuma Mobile, I can see the appeal of doing it this way. Just don't expect a great a whole load of cash towards your new purchase.

To learn more about the Apple Reuse & Recycling Program head over to the official website, or go straight to the new web portal to start tallying up the potential credit for your old devices.

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satchef1  Mar. 31, 2015 at 17:09

£108 for my mint Xperia Z3, £198 for the Note 4. Phone recycling is a rip-off in general, but it takes the pee that Apple are offering significantly less in store credit than many other recycling schemes will give you in cash.

Amazing. I propose that anyone stupid enough to use this service is shot, as having them breed surely isn't good for the long-term future of the human race.


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