Apple to stagger future iPhone announcement throughout the year?

Apple to stagger future iPhone announcement throughout the year?In launching the iPhone 5c alongside the premium 5s Apple finally delivered what some mobile fans have been wanting for years – multiple iPhones at multiple price points.

But that may just be the start. Based on a chat with no less a person than Apple boss Tim Cook himself, one analyst reckons we could be heading for multiple iPhone announcements throughout the year from next year on.

According to Apple Insider, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty says Apple will springboard from this year's dual iPhone announcement into a staggered launch schedule that will spread the arrival of new iPhones throughout the year.

Huberty's latest note to investors comes on the back of a direct meeting with Apple CEO Cook, though she doesn't go into any detail as to what was said.

Still, a broader iPhone launch schedule does make a fair bit of sense. Smartphone refresh cycles are getting shorter all the time, and Apple's chief rival Samsung arguably already has twin flagship launches through the year with the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note ranges – and that's ignoring all the other Galaxy handsets it has dropping in every other week.

This year's big iPhone launch event couldn't come soon enough for Apple considering how fierce the competition for the iPhone 5 had grown by the time Tim Cook finally hit the stage in September.

Considering there's every reason to believe things will be even tougher next year, can Apple really expect to compete all the way till September with just the current iPhone 5s and 5c? Surely all but the most hardcore iFanatic knows the answer to that one.


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loofer  Nov. 8, 2013 at 09:28

I read that as a platform for the standard 4" launch and a separate launch for slightly bigger iPhone.


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