Does Apple have Stormtrooper-style internal police force? Probably not

Does Apple have Stormtrooper-style internal police force? Probably notA few days ago we scribbled a few hundred words about a lost iPhone 5 prototype, as originally reported by CNET. Essentially it appeared to be a repeat of last year’s lost iPhone 4 prototype incident.

However, a few things didn’t quite add up, and now PC World suggests that the story is probably a load of tripe.

It was claimed that the cops were involved, specifically that they searched a young lad’s house in the hope of finding the lost/stolen iPhone 5 prototype. Alas, no prototype was found.

But a spokesperson for the San Francisco Police Department, Officer Albie Esparza, tells PC World: "We do not have any knowledge of an Apple iPhone investigation. I am trying to locate a report associated with that case and so far have been unsuccessful in doing so."

PC World notes that it’s unclear if the story was real, a hoax, or simply a misunderstanding. But I’d like to propose a fourth option.

Rather than go through the proper channels, Apple has decided to take matters into its own hands. The “police” who turned up at this dude’s house were in fact an elite group of former marines, now working as Apple-branded Stormtroopers. Of course, they'd have white iPhone 4s and iPad 2s.

You heard it here first.

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