Apple talks iOS 5 (again) and Siri

Apple talks iOS 5 (again) and SiriFor the first 20-odd minutes of the keynote we’ve been waiting a lifetime for (or so it seems), Tim Cook – making his public debut as CEO – basically rambled on about how great Apple is.

Revolutionise this, customer satisfaction that; lots of fancy graphs proving that Apple is the best thing ever; iTunes is so great, ditto the iPod, and the iPad, and the MacBook… blah blah blah. Thank Christ then for Scott Forstall, who took to the stage at 6.22pm our time to big up iOS 5.

Maybe I spoke too soon. We’ve got more pie charts now. iOS holds 43% of the OS pie, Android is on 33%, RIM is on 17%, and the “others” (er, including Windows Phone 7) account for a paltry 7%.

Interesting. Now tell us about iOS 5!

Scott reckons the 100,000 developers who’ve been toying with iOS 5 freakin’ love it. And why wouldn’t they? We’re talking about Apple here, Kings of the Universe.

Ok, top 10 features:

  1. Notifications – I wonder if Android will have anything to say about this…
  2. iMessage – IM with other iOS peeps. BlackBerry Messenger for Apple users essentially.
  3. Reminders – the location-aware reminder thingy. Supposed to call your nearest and dearest when you leave work? Let your iDevice remind you.
  4. Twitter – deeper Twitter intergration. Apple and Facebook aren’t exactly the best of friends any more.
  5. Newsstand – lots of big-name publications available here. You’ll all be glad to know Vanity Fair is on board.
  6. Camera – jump straight into photo-taking from the lock screen. Use volume up to take photos.
  7. Game Center – now with photos of friends, achievements and recommendations.
  8. Safari – reader function strips out junk and displays just the text. Tabbed browsing for the iPad.
  9. Mail – indentation, rich text, drag addresses between fields, flag messages…
  10. PC Free – activate your iPhone without a PC.

So pretty much just recapping what you told us at WWDC in June, huh guys?

Oh, here’s something new: iOS 5 will land on October 12. That’s a week tomorrow. It’ll be compatible with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, both iPads, and third and fourth gen iPod touches.

Right, that about does it for iOS 5. I’ll hand you over to Big Dave for the new iPhone…

EDIT: Apple left some cheeky iOS 5 stuff till after the iPhone 4S announcement. I guess they maybe wanted to go out on a high after the rest of the stuff being a little lacklustre. Or maybe I'm just a cynical bastard.

We'll have more on Siri tomorrow, but essentially you can hold down your iDevice's home button and ask it a question. Any question you like. "How many days till Christmas?" or "What's the weather forecast today?" Siri knows all.

Impressive stuff, no doubt, but we're slightly concerned about an army of Siris taking over the universe. Have we learned nothing from science fiction?

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Treab  Oct. 4, 2011 at 19:45

common android demand the courts allow access to the new ios and see if the notifications breach their patents ;)

abc19  Oct. 4, 2011 at 21:36

I thought that Siri crap was just the voice recognition software that already existed for years. Turns out that it sounds like another useless gimmick that less than 1% of all iOS users will use on a frequent basis.


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