Apple testing iOS 5

Apple testing iOS 5Developer FutureTap has told 9To5Mac that it has received a crash report from Apple relating to the use of its apps with iOS 5.

FutureTap’s app apparently crashed due to something called MKUserLocationBreadCrumb. It’s probably fair to infer that that’s something map-related, and that Apple has changed up some mappy functionality in iOS 5.

A further crash report shows that FutureTap’s app, Where To, was being tested with iOS 5 running on a first gen iPad, and on an “iPhone 3”, so iOS 5 will, seemingly, be backwards compatible with older devices.

Apple is expected to show off iOS 5 at its sold out Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, with a speculated launch date of September, alongside the iPhone 5.

WWDC gets underway on June 6,  just over a month away. Exciting stuff. Unless, of course, you hate Apple, in which case you probably couldn’t care less.

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