Apple thinks $10PM is too much for music streaming, aims to undercut Spotify

Apple thinks PM is too much for music streaming, aims to undercut SpotifyWhen Apple acquired Beats back in May this year, we all knew it wasn’t simply a case of snapping up a surprisingly successful designer headphone manufacturer.

The more interesting facet, arguably, is Beats Music, and the inevitable rebrand could include a nice little Spotify-punching price cut.

Around 10 days ago, a confusing story suggested Apple might can Beats Music entirely, but there seems to have been some confusion over the word “discontinued”. Beats Music the service will continue, but with an Apple logo slapped on at some point in the near future.

So, the next question is: “If I’m paying $9.99 per month for Spotify, why would I jump ship to Beats Music (or whatever it’s called) for the same price?”

Apple seems well aware of this, and according to re/code, the Californians are in talks with the big record labels about striking a new deal, and consequently being able to offer music streaming somewhere south of a monthly $9.99.

Things are reportedly in their “early stages” at the moment, but we imagine Apple will want to iron things out before going in for the kill with the big relaunch - whenever that happens to be.

In the meantime, I still don’t have access to iTunes Radio. Just saying.

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