Apple trumps Amazon, gets label support for cloud-based music service

Apple trumps Amazon, gets label support for cloud-based music serviceAccording to Reuters and All Things Digital, both rather dependable sources, Apple is set to launch a cloud-based music service with label support, making a mockery of Amazon's digital storage service and beating Google to the proverbial punch.

The proposed service would allow users to store their songs online and stream them over the cyberweb. Amazon rolled out a similar service last month, but did so without support of the record labels; effectively it's a digital storage locker. Google has also been contemplating cloud-based music action, but talks have reportedly stalled.

Apple, meanwhile, is said to have won over at least two of the Big Four i.e. Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony and EMI.

Label support would allow Apple to provide a more attractive service, with improved interfaces and – perhaps most importantly – better sound quality.

Peter Kafka from All Things Digital has heard that Apple’s Eddy Cue will be in New York today in an attempt to seal the deal. Am I allowed to make a joke along the lines of: “Cue the music”? No? Ok, sorry.

The Apple/Amazon rivalry is shaping up quite nicely. Jobs and co aren't happy about Amazon's Android Appstore, and the book giants are rumoured to be contemplating some tablet-related action. Fight! Fight! Fight!

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