Apple UK: no staff holidays in early October

Apple UK: no staff holidays in early OctoberAccording to sources of El Channel Register, Apple UK has told its staff to forget taking holidays during the “first two weeks of October”, further fuelling rumours that the iPhone 5 ain’t too far off.

Worser and more horribler still, the ruling supposedly applies to those who had already booked time off. They’ve apparently been asked to cancel.

I imagine people who’ve already booked holidays abroad will be exempt. I, for one, would rather take a dump on the shop floor than flush a perfectly good holiday down the toilet simply because Apple told me to.

On the other hand, the selection process is incredibly rigorous. Apple filters out all those with a modicum of independent thought and anything less than 100% devotion to any and all iDevices.

If you think I’m being a dick unnecessarily, check out this YouTube video celebrating the opening of an Apple Store in Basingstoke. Words cannot describe...

The most recent date touted by the rumour mill for the iPhone 5's unveiling is October 4. Hey, that's a week today.

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