Apple Watch coming earlier than expected to Europe? Maybe not

Apple Watch coming earlier than expected to Europe? Maybe notI’ve mentioned before that absolutely nothing gets past the blogosphere, whether it’s the mention of an in-production phone buried deep in some otherwise uninteresting code, or the brief “accidental” confirmation of a yet-to-be-announced device on a retailer’s website.

Here, the addition of a single word on the official Apple site suggests – or suggested – the Apple Watch will – or would – arrive in Europe a little earlier than previously expected. But what does it mean when that word is removed?

After years of being rumoured as the iWatch, the Apple Watch was finally detailed alongside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in September last year.

We know it’ll arrive in several flavours (Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Edition), and that it’ll likely cost a fair bit, but the Apple Watch release date remains a mystery.

Until very recently, all we knew for sure – courtesy of Apple’s various country-specific sites – was that the Apple Watch was “Coming Early 2015” to the US, while it’d be “Available in 2015” for us Europeans.

At some point yesterday, several European Apple sites – including the UK – were amended to mirror the US timeframe, with the Apple Watch promised for “Early 2015”. That wouldn't necessarily guarantee a simultaneous launch, but early 2015 is certainly better than any time in 2015.

Alas, that “Early 2015” promise has been quietly withdrawn, with the Apple site in the UK now telling us - once again - that we’ll meet the Apple Watch at some unspecified point in 2015. Bah.

Asked for clarification, an Apple spokesperson said only: "Hi Lewis we've nothing new to announce but thanks for checking."

Thoughts? Are you eagerly awaiting the UK arrival of the Apple Watch (widely tipped to ignite the long-promised smartwatch explosion), or thoroughly unmoved by wrist-based silliness?

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