Apple Watch release date finally confirmed: April 2015

Apple Watch release date finally confirmed: April 2015Apple’s first “wearable” was detailed alongside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus back in September, but only now are we learning the official Apple Watch release date.

Speaking on an earnings call (boy oh boy, those earnings!), Tim Cook cemented the Apple Watch release date as April this year.

That’s a little later than the March release many expected, and as inferred from Apple’s “early 2015” web-based promise. But, to be fair, considering we’ve been talking about the Apple Watch for literally two years (formerly calling it the “iWatch”), what’s another month between friends?

Incidentally, April is likely the Apple Watch release date for the US only. On the UK Apple site, we’re told only: “Available in 2015”. That’s, er, nice and vague.

The release of the Apple Watch is tipped to kick-start the long-promised “wearable tech” boom, though there are concerns about battery life; fancy taking it off to put it on charge every night?

Exact Apple Watch pricing remains a mystery, too, with some suggesting the fanciest model, the Apple Watch Edition, could command a five-figure price tag. Ouch. We do know Apple Watch price will start at $349, however.

And finally there’s Apple Watch functionality. Do people really need the Apple Watch? Does your average punter know what it does?

But hey, people laughed at the iPad when it was first announced, and now everyone and his dog has a tablet of some variety. Can the Apple Watch repeat that success? Set time machines for April.

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