Apple Watch release date: March 2015?

Apple Watch release date: March 2015?In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock (or, Dragon Lords forbid, in a coma, in which case: welcome back!), the Apple Watch was detailed back in September 2014 alongside the iPhone 6, but the exact release date remains a mystery.

“Early 2015” is as specific as Apple will get for now, but unofficial whispers say it’ll be right near the end of that timescale: March, specifically.

That’s the story over on 9to5mac, which credits “sources familiar with the product’s development”. They say the Apple Watch will arrive in the US “by the end of March”.

That gels with a recent internal communication from blond bombshell and knee-high boot fan (oh, and Apple’s President of Retail and Online Stores), Angela Ahrendts, who recently told employees to brace for a spanking; a spanking new product in “Spring”.

It’s presumed that the Apple Watch will arrive in the US first, before being rolled out elsewhere – including the UK.

Apple’s US site says the Apple Watch is “Coming Early 2015”, while other sites say simply “Available in 2015”. Non-US sites were briefly updated to match the US timescale before being changed back, so it doesn’t look good for a simultaneous launch.

Similarly mysterious is Apple Watch price. We know there are three different models (namely Watch Sport, Watch Edition and plain old Watch), and there are rumours the most expensive model could command a five-figure price tag. Interested?

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