Apple wins patent thingy against Motorola in Germany, Moto isn't bothered

Apple wins patent thingy against Motorola in Germany, Moto isn't botheredAhh, it’s been a while since we had a wee patent-related story here on Mobot. Earlier this week, Apple won a patent-inspired courtroom brawl against Motorola, hosted by Judge Dr Peter Guntz of the Munich I Regional Court.

I could senationalise the furg out of this story by suggesting that Motorola might have to recall and destroy hundreds of devices, but it probs won’t come to that. Read on!

Essentially, Apple was having a moan about a patent pertaining to overscroll bounce. Y’know when you scroll beyond the boundary and the screen automatically pings back?

Well, Guntz reckons several of Motorola’s devices – including a couple of smartphones and the Xoom tabet – infringe upon said patent. However, Motorola isn’t too fussed, and will apparently address the issue with a software update, much like Samsung recently did in a similar case.

Here’s what Motorola had to say: "Today's ruling in Munich, Germany on the patent litigation brought by Apple concerns a software feature associated with performing certain functions when viewing photos in a 'zoomed in' mode on mobile devices.

“We expect no impact to supply or future sales as we have already implemented a new way to view photos on our products that does not interfere with the user experience."

Ah well, that’s the end of that! I can’t help but feel that the lawyers are the real winners in these cases. To think of all the time and money wasted simply so Motorola can roll out a bloody software update. Sigh.

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