Yes, Apple definitely won the smartphone wars in Q2

Yes, Apple definitely won the smartphone wars in Q2  We recently heard from Strategy Analytics that Apple shipped the most smartphones in Q2, closely followed by Samsung and with Nokia falling to third place.

Now we’ve got market research guys IDC telling us, well, exactly the same thing, really.

The IDC figures are slightly different, but ultimately paint the same picture. Said picture looks like this:

  • Apple - 19.1% market share (20.34 million units)
  • Samsung – 16.2%
  • Nokia – 15.7%

“Apple’s success can be directly attributed to its distribution (more than 200 carriers in more than 200 countries), increased manufacturing capacity, and solid demand within emerging and developed markets from both consumers and business users,” says the IDC report.

“Apple’s emergence as the number one smartphone vendor worldwide comes at a time when former worldwide leader Nokia is in the midst of a major transition. However, Apple has yet to top Nokia’s single-quarter volume record of 28.1 million units. But given Apple’s momentum in the smartphone market, it may not be a question of whether Apple will beat that milestone, but when.”

However, having said that, Samsung’s year-on-year growth was 520% compared to Apple’s 140%, so it could be the South Koreans taking pole position in Q3. Apple has already stated that it expects sales to fall this quarter in anticipation of the iPhone 5.

via: BGR

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