Might Apple’s 12.9in iPad be a Surface-style hybrid with keyboard dock?

Might Apple’s 12.9in iPad be a Surface-style hybrid with keyboard dock?We’ve been hearing a fair bit about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 12.2 plans over the past few days, but here we turn our attention back to the South Koreans’ best mates (ahem), California’s Apple.

A larger iPad – or “iPad Maxi” – has been rumoured for some time now, and again we’re told that Apple is prepping a 12.9in version of the Tablet That Started it All.

G4Games credits Chinese media (specifically PadNews), which claims that the 12.9in iPad is already in testing at Foxconn.

Furthermore, we’re told that the 12.9in iPad will launch in March next year.

Of course March (or thenabouts) was traditionally when the new iPads were unveiled, till Apple switched things up in 2012 – launching the iPad 3 in March and the iPad 4 (and iPad mini) in October. The iPad Air (and iPad mini Retina) landed just last month.

Given the sheer size of the proposed 12.9in iPad, it’s suggested that it might take a leaf out of the Microsoft Surface’s book and come with a keyboard dock. Logically, the next question is: will it rock iOS or OS X? Is it an iPad Maxi or a MacBook Touch?

In any case, next year looks set to be a biggie for Apple. In addition to the 12.9in iPad (or whatever it is), we’re anticipating the Apple iWatch and a 5in iPhone 6.

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 5, 2013 at 14:07

Would require a massive redesign of Mac OS.
But maybe they'll ditch the Macbook Air line in favour of more better and funner iOS devices?
Oh, honestly, who knows!?!

dazza6969  Nov. 5, 2013 at 15:10

Surely it'l be called an iPad Pro? On the basis that Apple use Mini, Pro & Air throughout their range of products.


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