Apple’s App Store prices to increase imminently in EU, Norway, Canada

Apple’s App Store prices to increase imminently in EU, Norway, CanadaPrice increases aren’t exactly something we get excited about on Mobot, and we’ve crappy news for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users today.

App Store prices are set for an unspecified “increase” in a matter of hours, affecting a number of countries including the UK. Bah.

That’s the story over on Apple Insider, which was furnished with an Apple communication received by one of its readers.

Said communication was sent to iTunes Connect members, and explains – in a nutshell – that App Store prices are set to increase within 36 hours. The story was reported yesterday, so the new pricing should be in effect by this time tomorrow. Ish.

The European Union, Norway and Canada are specifically mentioned; we’ll all have to endure App Store price increases on account of “adjustments in value-added tax (VAT) rates and foreign exchange rates.”

To be fair, we’re probably (hopefully!) only talking a matter of pence here. The cheapest App Store apps used to come in at 59p before rising to 69p – App Store pricing being a lot more rigid than Google Play.

While it’s bad news for us, Iceland will enjoy an App Store price "decrease". Things are less clear for Russians, however, where there'll be a mysterious "change" in App Store pricing.

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