Apple's apps still the biggest money-spinners

Apple's apps still the biggest money-spinners

It's just a matter of time before the Android Market eclipses Apple's App Store in terms of volume of apps available, but when it comes to making money, Apple's store for iOS is still by far the most lucrative.

New projections by IHS iSuppli predict the mobile community will spend a total of $3.9bn on apps this year, and three quarters of that will be processed through Apple's servers.

Android has been ticking off the milestones in its land-grab of smartphone market share recently. It's already the number one in terms of total handsets, and is expected to outnumber the App Store for apps later this year.

But iSuppli's figures suggest Google has a long way to go in turning quantity into quality. Overall, Android users are expected to spend around $425 million on apps this year, a mere fraction of the massive $2.91bn the App Store is set to generate.

The BlackBerry App World and Nokia's Ovi Store are both expected to ring up $200m to $300m in sales, which is a lot closer to Android than their smartphone market share warrants.

The overall figure of just under $4bn is a healthy 78% rise year on year from 2010, and that steep growth is projected to continue over the next couple of years, with the overall value of app sales expected to hit $8.3bn by 2014.

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JanSt / MOD  May. 4, 2011 at 21:44

Have to agree. I'm not all anti-Android, but I find the Market is most definitely quantity over quality. I'm really a tad annoyed with Android fanboys who joke about Blackberrys or Nokia's Symbian... (Not to mention webOS which, frankly wipes the floor with all of them, while juggling a dozen wild cats). I find even the best Android apps visually unattractive, and very often sloppily designed. Compare Tweetdeck for iOS with the Android version! Or Seesmic, or Tune Wiki or or or... Or check out Symbian ^3's Gravity and show me a single smarter, more stylish, feature rich Android app... You can't.

There are loads of good Android apps. THERE ARE! But if you cut the rubbish apps that duplicate what others do better, you end up with a fraction of what we currently need to plough through to find a gem. Of course, there is a lot of useless rubbish for iOS and Symbian, too, but especially iOS usually offers at least a stylish package.
Now, hit me :p
Take some time one of these days to check out webOS offerings... yes, it's meagre numberwise, but there is hardly any bulk or nonsense.

There's no point to arguing otherwise. We won't get better apps by denying the truth.


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