Apple’s iOS still most popular OS in Europe

Apple’s iOS still most popular OS in EuropeWe love a spot of statistical analysis here on Mobot. And the good folks at StatCounter have set our pulses racing with some intriguing mobile OS-related graphs.

The stats show that iOS remains the most popular OS in Europe, with a whopping 44.95% market share as of January 2011.

Symbian, Blackberry and Android, meanwhile, are languishing behind. The three combined only just pip iOS.

Despite Apple’s apparent dominance, its share actually dropped over the course of the year, from 50.44% in January 2010 to 44.95% one year later. Symbian fell from 23.25% to 12.57% in the same period.

Good news for Android, who went from 2.85% to 16.37%, while Blackberry rose from 8.02% to 16.78%.

Amusingly, Portugal bucks the European trend with its love of Symbian.

In our beloved United Kingdom, Apple and Blackberry have been tussling for the top spot. iOS was on a steady decline throughout 2010, while the popularity of Blackberry’s OS doubled. Indeed, Blackberry toppled iOS in November and December, however Apple regained pole position last month.

Head over to StatCounter and play around with the graphs yourself. Trust me, it’s the most fun you’ll have all day. Unless you have a girlfriend.

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 9, 2011 at 17:29

The statcounter tool is quite useful. It'd be more than 'quite' if they'd tell us what their 'stats' are based upon? What flavour of Symbian are they counting for example?)? What is a smartphone? What is an OS? The simple fact is that:
iOS does not have a 44.95% marketshare in Europe unless you play some very naughty statistical games. And beware: my statistics prof drowned in a lake with an average depth of 2 inches. ;)
Sorry, I meant to say, "Apple rules"! ***blush***
For some more detailled, almost scientific numbers check out this article over there.

Still, even for people with girlfriends statcounter is a lovely time-waster :p


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