Archos Arnova delivers ultra-cheap tablet goodness

Archos Arnova delivers ultra-cheap tablet goodnessThe natural gadget lover in us is always looking for the latest hot technology and high-end gizmos to play with, but there's a top-notch job being done at the other end of the market too by workhorse phones and tablets that deliver plenty of value, even if they're lacking the glamour.

So we're happy to give some airtime to the new Archos Arnova tablet range in the hope that they'll continue that trend, and with a choice of 7in, 8in and 10in screen sizes and prices starting at just €99 (£84).

Archos are better known for their excellent range of media players, some of which come packing Android OS smarts under the hood. So it's no surprise to see Android given the job of running the company's new tablets, though it is only Android 2.2 Froyo rather than the newer Honeycomb.

Still, you can't expect much more for the price, and after all Froyo was seen as perfectly adequate just six months ago.

The cheapest option of the lot – as you'd expect – is the smallest 7in model, with the screen limited to the older resistive technology rather than the capacitive touch tech we've become so accustomed to in recent times. There is a capacitive option too, though that's more expensive, and indeed all three sizes of Arnova are available with both types of touchscreen to suit your budget.

The mid-range 8in model features a 4:3 aspect ratio – another throwback to days gone by – and it's an even stranger decision considering it's also 720p HD compatible. So is the flagship 10in model, which also throws in a full-size USB port for hooking up a mouse, keyboard or external hard drive.

It's a bit of an odd bunch from Archos, but one that will no doubt find favour with the cash-strapped consumer still looking to get in on the tablet action.

So far we've only seen European prices, with the three screen sizes pegged at prices from €199 (10in), €149 (8in) and €99 (7in) – that's £170, £127 and £84 in the Queen's currency. The 10in model is already on sale, with its 8in compatriot to follow next month and the 7in baby due out in Q2.

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 26, 2011 at 12:05

You need to oil your fingertips - the screen is so unresponsive and tacky... still, for the price a good 'back-up' tab

Brenda24  Mar. 5, 2012 at 05:42

The tablet comes with a 4GB internal memory which is sufficient for many. However, it can read more than the in-build memory provided by Archos.
Archos Arnova


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