Archos G9 tablet is a sweet deal for Honeycomb

Archos G9 tablet is a sweet deal for HoneycombArchos has built a pretty big name for itself in the personal media player market – in fact, it's one of precious few firms that have managed to stay competitive in a sector dominated so completely by Apple.

It's been bubbling under in the Android tablet game for a fair while too, but now looks ready to hit the big time with the Archos G9 Honeycomb – set to go on sale as the most affordable Honeycomb slate on the market.

The G9 comes in two sizes – the 8in Archos G9 80, and the bigger 10.1in Archos G9 101, and despite their budget-busting price tags of £199 and £249 respectively, you're treated to a surprisingly well-furnished spec list.

For starters there's the 1.5GHz TI processor, and Archos' media-focused leanings are evident in the presence of 1080p video support and an HDMI out connection.

Interestingly, storage comes courtesy of a conventional 250GB Seagate hard drive, which is a curious decision for a mobile product given the more delicate nature of non-solid state drives.

Despite Archos' considerable history with Android, this is the first of its tablets to come with Google certification, which means the Android 3.1 Honeycomb OS comes with full access to the Android Market.

The G9 itself is Wi-Fi only, but there is the option to fork out an extra £49.99 for a pay-as-you-go 3G dongle that plugs into a USB port.

Both models of the Archos G9 will be winging their way to the IFA tech show in Berlin in September, and are expected to go on sale a few weeks later.

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CTPAHHIK  Jun. 24, 2011 at 11:23

Finally something I'm willing to buy.

Stelph  Jun. 24, 2011 at 12:23

Certainly an impressive price, think I might get the 8" version

The only issue with this is, again, it makes me question why the phone manufacturers are asking me to pay £400+ for a smartphone when tablets can be sold for this much with larger screens and similar internal components!

CTPAHHIK  Jun. 24, 2011 at 13:06

It appears that phone component is quite expensive. I have no idea how much calling/3G hardware actually costs and what kind of fees you need to fork out to be approved by regulators.
Looking at price differences between iPod and iPhone it looks like a lot.

I do see a point that Stelph makes. Wonder how Archos manage to do it.

250GB of storage is really nice. Finally a tablet to travel with and bring your movies along.

I remember that fastest and biggest CF Cards were made by IBM. It was actually a mini hard drive inside the card. It worked just fine for high end digital cameras. Similar technology could be used in tablets for storage. Hope Seagate has a special low power/low rotation smaller foot print HDD.


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